June 21, 2016

Cheetah can be trained free or restricted contact for a variety of behaviors.

Training can facilitate husbandry care, medical care and/or enhance visitor engagement.

Husbandry Care

Husbandry care training behaviors can include shifting, desensitization and habituation to new spaces and crate training (for transport).

Scale training

scale training

Condition a cheetah to sit on a scale for weighing at White Oak Conservation Center.

Medical Care

Medical care training behaviors can include scale, injection, blood draw, x-ray and ultrasound, body presentations (open mouth, nail care, etc) and general tactile training.

Visitor Engagement

Cheetah can be trained for visitor engagement program, including keeper chats, lure coursing and ambassador roles.

Lure coursing


Lure coursing can be great exercise and enrichment for a cheetah.  Read more about lure coursing here.